Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Instagram Tag Giveaway Details

Instagram Giveaway Details

How to enter:
1. Follow @WurthMcFaddens on Instagram

2. Snap & Post a picture of a EcoPoxy project you are currently working on 

3. Tag us in the picture and description and tell us about the project!

4. The first 25 eligible accounts who tag us will win a 237ml can of Ligna Oil in the colour of your choosing (Valued at $19.99 CAD) and ALL eligible entries that tag us be entered to win the grand prize of EcoPoxy 6L Liquid 2:1 Plastic Kit! (Valued at $259.95 CAD)

1. One entry per person, account and/or company.
2. Entries are limited to accounts in the delivery areas of our McFadden's branches in: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Canada.
3. Ligna Pronto Wood Oil 237ml can giveaway is limited to the first 25 valid entries who tag us Only. Valued at $19.99 CAD.
4. ALL valid entries will be entered in the GRAND PRIZE to win a EcoPoxy 6L Liquid 2:1 Plastic Kit! Valued at $259.95 CAD.
5. By entering and tagging us you agree that we can share your post on @wurthmcfaddens social media accounts. All posts will be tagged back to you.
6. Winners will be posted on our Instagram feed and notified by message Instagram, where we will collect your details.


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